An introduction to prefabricated modular skids

introduction to prefabricated modular skids

What are modular skids?

Prefabricated modular skids contain all pipe, plant, and other essential equipment mounted on a steel skid. This ensures your equipment arrives on site having been fully prefabricated and ready for installation. Multiple plant skids can be combined to form larger systems or can even be produced as entire process plants.

What are the different types of prefabricated modular skids?

When you’re considering a modular skid, it’s important to explore the various types available.

Pump skids combine a pump and a driver fitted on a steel base. They’re used for particular functions, including fire suppression, chemical dispensing, and water pumping. Pump skids are most often found in the oil, gas, water, chemical and paper industries, where products are transported from one location to another as they are sourced or processed. When you choose a pump skid, you’ll invest in a compact, efficient, customisable and safe product guaranteed to help you save on space and energy while also keeping your workers safe.

A compressor or fan skid condenses the essentials of a compressor, ensuring it can be shipped and transported with ease and quickly put to work. These skids allow you to pump higher pressures while keeping your equipment compact.

Plant skids combine plant equipment and pipework within a steel frame, making them easy to transport and coordinate around the job site. As the skids can be manufactured offsite, they’ll ensure no disruption to your on-site work.

Why should I choose a modular skid for my next construction project?

There are many benefits to be gained from using a modular skid.

With a modular skid, the preparation and design of the processing system occur together, ensuring your projects will be completed more quickly. When your modular skid arrives, you won’t need to worry about assembling or testing it, so your projects will see a faster turnaround and return.

The fact that modular skids arrive at your site prefabricated means you won’t have as many safety concerns. You’ll amass fewer OSHA exposure hours, and as modular equipment is made in a factory setting, you’ll be confident there’s a reduced chance of significant errors or flaws in the equipment’s structural integrity.

The process of manufacturing a modular skid means you can trust in its quality. Modular skids are made by qualified, skilled technicians who specialise in their design and fabrication. As modular skids are made in a controlled indoor setting, you’ll never have to worry about the weather impacting the fabrication or safety of your project.

Prefabricated and modular building services

When you’re considering quality prefabricated building services such as a plant skid, fan skid, or vertical riser for your project, look no further than EVO-MEP. Our experienced, professional team of innovators, engineers, project managers, designers, technicians and support staff have collaborated on a number of internationally-renowned innovative prefabrication projects. Check out our projects with prefabricated modular skids here. We also have a dedicated Senior Management team who contribute to important developments in the industry. For quality prefabricated and modular building services you can trust, choose EVO-MEP. Contact us today on 03 7036 1518 to speak to our friendly team or to learn more about our products and services.


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