EVO-MEP remains at the forefront of the construction industry with its focus on upskilling workers

EVO-MEP remains at the forefront of the construction industry with its focus on upskilling workers


Thursday, 14 April 2022

EVO-MEP remains at the forefront of the construction industry with its focus on upskilling workers

EVO-MEP has become the employer of choice for many with its emphasis on upskilling workers through various training courses.

EVO-MEP is a construction company providing prefabricated building services in Victoria. The company recently provided employees with access to a number of courses to help them improve their skillset and knowledge. Among the courses taken by EVO-MEP team members were fire warden training, first aid and CPR training, and manual lifting.

Further demonstrating EVO-MEP’s commitment to upskilling team members, employees are now currently undertaking the Cert IV in Process Manufacturing (Lean Manufacturing). This qualification is aimed at increasing one’s ability to work independently to solve complex technical problems required to produce products.

All employees also have access to internal training systems that aim to improve leadership, quality, safety and industry standards while working on prefabrication projects.

To remain at the forefront of the construction industry, EVO-MEP holds regular team-building sessions where employees have the opportunity to channel their newly acquired skills. For instance, staff members recently participated in the ‘build a bridge’ project where they were split into two teams and tasked with building the longest bridge with a random assortment of materials. Some items at their disposal included pipe cleaners, toilet rolls, wire, paper, and popsicle sticks.

Company Director Neil Wypior has worked in prefabrication and modular for over 20 years. Speaking of EVO-MEP’s focus on upskilling workers, Wypior states “We are incredibly happy with the progress and commitment of our employees. We feel confident that we’re cultivating a team of world-leading specialists that building services contractors can rely on. EVO-MEP is, and will always remain, committed to high quality standards and technical training to drive client satisfaction and team productivity.”

It seems that EVO-MEP team members will benefit from several opportunities to channel their skills in the future given the growth in popularity of prefabricated and modular buildings. This popularity stems from the sustainability of prefabrication methods as they are more energy-efficient and reduce waste. Since half of the world’s landfill consists of construction waste, the environment can certainly benefit from prefab measures.

What’s more, prefabricated modules can be installed faster than traditional builds with one week in an established prefabrication facility being the equivalent to three weeks of work on-site. Certainly, with EVO-MEP’s commitment to team building and training, the industry can be assured of certainty on delivery, quality and safety.

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