Delivering expertise to a wide range of industry sectors
Healthcare & Hospitals prefabrication

Hospitals & Healthcare

We have significant experience in fabricating modular and prefabricated solutions for hospitals and healthcare. Prefabrication offers accelerated project times and minimised health and safety risks.

High rise Commercial High Rise Residential development prefabrication modular

High Rise Commercial & Residential

High rise projects often come with complex logisitical issues in confined city centre locations. Our bespoke offsite solutions address these challenges with 'just in time' delivery, reduced on-site traffic and number of deliveries.

Hotels & Student Accommodation prefabrication modular construction

Hotels & Student Accommodation

EVO-MEP has extensive experience delivering prefabricated solutions for building services contractors in both hotels and student accommodation.

Containerised data centre modular prefabrication

Data Centres

Turnkey solutions for data centres which can be designed and fabricated to suit various scenarios. We have delivered substantial data centre projects with integrated power and cooling systems.

Schools & Universities prefabricated construction modular


We offer a comprehensive range of prefabrication options for schools and universities.

Infrastructure Projects prefabrication modular

Infrastructure & Transport

Delivering optimum efficiency, we work with contractors to accelerate project lead times with prefabricated building services that are delivered 'just in time' minimising site traffic and deliveries.

Government & Defence prefabrication modular construction

Government & Defence

Our offsite solutions focus on continual improvement, transparency and value for money understanding that Government funding is derifed from hard working taxpayers.


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