Cutting and Kitting

Cutting and Kitting

Cutting and kitting allows you to optimise production space and improve productivity.

At EVO-MEP we can cut strut to your specifications and sort the components at the point of manufacture to reduce errors and contamination. This allows assembly to run smoother either on site or in a production facility.

Our state-of-the-art cutting machinery quickly and expertly cuts materials to required customer lengths. Lengths are then packaged for damage free transport.

A kitting services involves components being collated into one of EVO-MEP’s purpose built sorting pallet which can then be delivered to the customer on a schedule. Each kit can also be given its own stock-keeping unit (SKU) for track and trace purposes.

Kitting is a specialist service where our team will develop a kit that allows for more efficient assemblies.


  • Simplifies on-site assembly and installation
  • Reduces on-site fabrication and hot works
  • Minimises waste
  • Manufacturing under workshop conditions; fast, clean and reliable
Cut and Groove Cutting and Kitting Custom Built Sorting Pallet
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