Hangers and Brackets

Hangers and Brackets

Save labour, time & money with offsite prefabricated and assembled brackets and hangers.

Save up to 45 minutes of labour per hanger assembly versus building onsite. Take the hassle out of fabricating your own brackets and hangers on site by leveraging offsite brackets and hangers delivered right to your job site as you need them, by floor, zone or area as the project progresses.

Strut or angle supports & rod cut to length and assembled to suit your project requirements, significantly reducing the need to fabricate support systems on site. Offsite fabrication of hangers and brackets provides many advantages to mechanical contractors including:

  • Hot works can be substantially reduced by manufacturing hangers & brackets offsite.
  • Reduced waste through optimisation of length cutting to suit materials minimising off cuts
  • Minimises site foot traffic and avoids the need to have skilled labour to manufacturing brackets & supports on site.
  • Just in time delivery ensures you have supports & brackets when you need them.
  • Reduced on-site reworks due to factory quality assurance processes.
  • Minimise environmental impact with reduced waste and CO2

Hangers and brackets are essential support systems for ductwork, pipework & electrical installations. Various forms of support systems are available including prefabricated trapezes, H frames, pre-cut metal channel & rod plus other bespoke support systems.

EVO-MEP can manufacture your hangers and brackets to specification, offering complete assembly or kitting. Each bracket is manufactured to your needs providing a complete solution each of your projects.

Types of Brackets and Hangers

  • Low profile brackets
  • Universal bracket
  • Trapeze hanger
  • Clevis hanger
  • Bespoke support systems


  • Just in time
  • Simplify installation with assembled products ready to install
  • Hot works related to supports removed from site, improving health and safety
  • Improved quality and reducing defects on site
  • Minimise waste with hangers and brackets made to specification
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