Modular Risers

Multi-service risers

Multi-service risers include duct, pipe and/or conduit to carryservices through buildings.

Designed and manufactured to any size or form, prefabricated vertical risers can house the full range of mechanical, electrical and plumbing services. By combining multiple trade services within a module, we can offer up to a 70% labour saving compared to conventional methods. At EVO-MEP we offer a complete solution and can fully design and coordinate the prefabricated modular riser to align with your project’s needs.

Some of the key benefits of MEP riser prefabrication are:

  • MEP riser assembly can commence offsite without waiting for a ready site or site approvals.
  • Leveraging DfMA principles ensure there is less work and the work will be completed faster.
  • Scaffolding work is reduced, as is the risk of working at heights. Site labour such as moving, lifting and assembling is also reduced, resulting in improved site safety.
  • Prefabricated risers reduces the potential for components being damaged during assembly on site.
  • Prefabricated risers can be easily and efficiently installed, needling less manpower than traditional methodologies.
  • Modular risers also result in reduced dust, noise pollution and on-site debris and waste.
  • With work conducted in a controlled environment, quality control is ensured and adverse weather does not affect the assembly schedule.

Engineering of Seismic restraints of services is limited and incorporated earlier in design as is clash detection of services, saving more time in installation.

Testing and QA of final modules is completed offsite ensuring final product is fit for purpose prior to installation.


  • Save time – one week in a prefabrication facility is equivalent to three weeks on site
  • Improve safety – Reduce adverse health and safety incidents by up to 80% with minimised need to work at height and reduced on-site hot works
  • Superior quality – Factory processes and quality assurance procedures ensures high quality outcomes.

Additional information available on request:

  • QA Documentation and Certificate of Compliance
  • Structural and Seismic Certification
  • Wind Certification (if required)
  • Transport & lifting methodologies
  • Installation methodology
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