Pipework Fabrication | Cut & Groove

Pipework Fabrication | Cut & Groove

Faster installation times and improved job site safety.

Grooved pipes and fittings provide an economical and efficient method of joining pipe in mechanical building services.

Two pipe ends can be joined together using a coupling that is seated in the grooved piping system. When assembled, the coupling keys engage the grooves around both pipes providing a secure connection.

Studies have shown grooved piping systems reduce welding man-hours by an average of 45% whilst also reducing material handling by 30-70%. Additionally, on-site reworks are reduced due to manufacturing quality controls and improved job site safety by reducing hot works.

EVO-MEP offer a complete cut and groove service. Our unique, purpose-built sorting pallets allow us to deliver components to site in an organised and timely manner.


  • Minimises risk of leaks
  • Easy installation and fast commissioning
  • Quality testing prior to delivery and installation
  • Manufacturing under workshop conditions; fast, clean and reliable

Additional information available on request:

  • QA Documentation & Certificate of Compliance
Valve assemblies and prefabricated pipework plumbing
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