London Olympic Village


Olympic Village included 11 residential plots with 2,818 homes in 63 buildings, providing thousands of bed spaces for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

The development included a variety of off-site prefabricated elements including:

  • Honeycomb precast construction
  • Fully fitted volumetric modules (incl. fittings and furnishings)
Prefabricated and Modular Building Services
  • Corridor Modules
  • Modular packaged plant rooms
  • Modular Risers
  • Utility Cupboards
Delivered 6 months ahead of schedule

Due to the location and constraints of this facility in London (UK) Congestion and multiple Deliveries of components wasn’t acceptable. Therefore this project had to be coordinated with precision. Moving construction offsite enabled us to reduce site deliveries by over 45% and allowed for a concurrent production during site preparation in order to reduce the overall construction time.

30% Time and Labour Saving

Leveraging off-site prefabrication enabled this project to be completed with an approximate saving of 30% on time and labour versus a traditional M&E approach.

Healthcare & Hospitals prefabrication
Hospitals & Healthcare
High rise Commercial High Rise Residential development prefabrication modular
High Rise Commercial & Residential
Hotels & Student Accommodation prefabrication modular construction
Hotel and Student Accommodation
Containerised data centre modular prefabrication
Data Centres
Schools & Universities prefabricated construction modular
Schools & Universities
Infrastructure Projects prefabrication modular
Government & Defence prefabrication modular construction
Government & Defence
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