Queen Elizabeth Hospital, UK


Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham UK is a 1,215 bed, tertiary NHS and military hospital.

The development included a variety of off-site prefabricated elements including:

  • Bathroom pods
  • Prefabricated structure
  • Prefabricated facade
  • Precast concrete
Prefabricated and Modular Building Services
  • Corridor Modules
  • Plant & Equipment Skids
  • Modular Risers
Delivered 12 months early

Offsite prefabrication enabled elements of this project to be completed 12 months ahead of schedule compared to a traditional M&E approach.

Over 450,000 man hours saved

Hours saved through prefabrication compared to traditional approach:

Item Hours
Hot Works 112,220
Onsite Manual Handling 156,480
Working at Height 183,840
Total 452,540
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